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» Generate qualified leads (Managed $15million in FB Ad Spend)

» Increase your traffic, more E-Commerce Sales 

Muneeb Farman, MBA graduate with years of online business management experience, electrifies your business utilizing intelligent solutions tailored to your growing entrepreneurial needs. For several long years, Muneeb has been performing LinkedIn profile optimization, proactively managing business as an expert OBM, and loves to remain above the fold in all things relevant to internet business development. Considering his experience with Sales & Marketing Systems (Infusionsoft), Web Project Management Systems (Central Desktop and Basecamp), HTML/CSS proficiency, virtual team recruiting and e-Business Planning, clients are utilizing his services quicker than ever before. You can find this masterful Pakistani working on establishing business relationships, learning new software, reading powerful news and tips, and continually working towards career perfection when not helping other businesses.

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Our Digital Marketing Services Process

How we work is no secret: we have found success by streamlining our service packages and then customizing each one to the individual needs of our clients. From the initial consultation to the strategy sessions to the actual implementation of those marketing plans, our team puts great communication at the forefront, ensuring that not a week goes by that our clients have not heard from us and have not been brought up to speed on how their projects are coming along.

On top of consistent communication we also put in place a series of quality checkpoints to make sure that everything we produce, be it a single piece of content or an entire website, conforms to the high expectations we have for excellence.

Meet Our Digital Marketing Superstars

We have filled our roster with the best of the best digital marketing experts in virtually every service area imaginable. Our team is highly motivated and extremely educated, allowing you access to some of the most creative and strategic marketing minds out there.

We literally leave no stone unturned when it comes to solving digital marketing problems for our clients. Do you need us to revamp an existing service package to better suit your needs? Done. Do we need to bring on new team member to provide focused expertise for a service you need but that we don’t currently offer? We would be excited to do so. Do you want us to completely manage every aspect of your digital marketing strategy so that you are freed up to focus on running your business? We are happy to help.

The Digital Marketing Solutionz Services Circle

For any marketing strategy to be highly successful, it must be built on top of a variety of digital marketing venues, all of which support one another. A solid website houses and promotes your content. Killer content advocates for your company and positions you as a thought leader and an expert in your field. When you are considered to be an expert in your field, people will trust what you have to say and will be more likely to purchase the services or products you are selling. When you are ready to sell, chances are you need to have an online area your website for them to visit. And so the circle goes; a never-ending cross-promotion across all of your digital marketing pieces. Our services include: web design and development, e-commerce setup and management, social media strategy, online advertising strategy and management, search engine optimization, content development, videography, business branding and design, email marketing and more…

Do you need help of a company to completely manage every aspect of your digital marketing strategy so that you are freed up to focus on running your business?

DM Solutionz F.Z.E. is a Google Partner Company & full-service digital marketing agency, which means that no matter what our clients need us to help them with, we can deliver stellar results. As a one-stop shop for everything related to online marketing, we work with clients both big and small to create and implement custom online marketing plans for their companies.