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Unless your company employs a dedicated team of people that are working to draft emails campaigns, write advertising copy, create blog articles, edit web text, and more, chances are that there is a sizeable hole in your content creation and marketing strategy that needs filled.


Most companies start out with basic web text and then grow from there, recycling that text over and over as needed. While this is certainly not wrong, it does open up potential for the content to grow stale over time, allowing discrepancies, outdated verbiage, and irrelevant marketing pitches to represent your company: an unfortunate thing for any potential customer to see.


You Can Decide How Often To Update Your Content


Content creation can be either a one-time thing or an ongoing investment into your company’s marketing plan – it is up to you. Most of our customers have found that the more consistently they put out fresh content, the more their audience sees them as a relevant though leader in the industry. And make no mistake – being a thought leader, or an expert in your field, is a great thing for business. It will open up marketing opportunities and position you as a reliable source to clients both new and old.


A major thing online audiences look for is consistency – if they can depend on fresh, relevant content to be posted on a blog or a social media outlet each week, then they will be loyal to your site, checking back often to see what you have posted. No matter how often you decide to update your content, doing so on a consistent schedule is what really matters at the end of the day.



- Content Creation Is One Part Creative Writing and The Other Part Calculated Strategy

Content Creation Is One Part Creative Writing and The Other Part Calculated Strategy

Content creation can be summed up by two equal yet different goals:

1. You want your content to be unique and creative, unlike the scores of competing content floating around online.

2. You need your content to hit on all of the persuasive hot buttons of your potential customers so that they feel engaged and compelled to hear what you have to say and to buy what you are selling.

The best way to achieve both goals is to start with the underlying sales needs that you have: what do you ultimately want the reader to take action on after reading your website text or watching your video or scanning your social media post? Once that is decided, you can creatively embellish that content, packaging it in an attractive presentation that resonates with the reader on a deep level.

Saying “Buy my software – it is the best in it’s category,” may be true, but such a blunt, concise presentation of the facts will likely turn off a majority of your audience.

If instead you were to say, “Our software is rated top of its category by over 2000 users; we built it to make life easier for our customers, and we are happy to say it absolutely delivers on that promise. Click here to purchase your copy,” it is safe to say that more people would be compelled to hear what you have to say and – ideally – to purchase that product.

Our Content Creation Services Services

- We offer many different content creation services, including:

• LinkedIn
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Blog Articles
• Long-Form Articles
• Web Content
• Press Releases
• Advertising Copy
• Brochure Writing
• Email Newsletters
• Email Drip Campaigns
• Sales Funnels and Landing Page Copy
• eBooks and White Papers

We also are able to help you select distribution outlets for your content, and can work with you to create posting schedules and content marketing strategies.

We often come up with custom service packages for our clients, but we also have several pre-created content creation packages available, including:

• Web Content Evaluation and Writing Packages

• Blog Article Packages

• Social Media Content Writing Packages

• Ongoing Writing Retainers

• Consulting Packages

• Comprehensive Content Strategy and Implementation Packages

No matter what you need, our team of dedicated, highly educated content professionals is here to deliver; we are also happy to create custom content marketing service packages depending on your specific business and marketing needs.

If you are interested in learning more about our content creation services, click here. We will have one of our content creation team members get in touch with you to learn more about you company and to help create a marketing plan that is right for you.

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