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Google AdWords Tips & Techniques to Building a Profitable Account

Do you realize the importance of advertising using Google AdWords but have no idea where to begin? Have you heard terms such as high quality scores, solid click through rates, cpc, location targeting and more? Are you overwhelmed with the thought of setting up a Google AdWords account that will be effective and not rob your pocket book? Then Google AdWords Tips & Techniques to Building a Profitable Account is the perfect starting place for you. Our free e-book starts you at the beginning, and slowly walks you through each ingredient needed to build a solid AdWords account. We also provide some additional ideas and tips along the way.

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This E-Book cover the following topics;

  • How Does Google AdWords Work?
  • The Three Levels of Google AdWords
  • How Your Money is Spent AdWords
  • Your Campaigns and Ad Groups
  • The Difference between Search & Display Network
  • Your Keywords
  • Your Ads
  • How Your Ad Rank is Calculated

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About the Author

Muneeb Farman, MBA graduate with years of online business management experience, electrifies your business utilizing intelligent solutions tailored to your growing entrepreneurial needs. For several long years, Muneeb has been performing LinkedIn profile optimization, proactively managing business as an expert OBM, and loves to remain above the fold in all things relevant to internet business development. Considering his experience with Sales & Marketing Systems (Infusionsoft), Web Project Management Systems (Central Desktop and Basecamp), HTML/CSS proficiency, virtual team recruiting and e-Business Planning, clients are utilizing his services quicker than ever before. You can find this masterful Pakistani working on establishing business relationships, learning new software, reading powerful news and tips, and continually working towards career perfection when not helping other businesses.

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