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We offer training sessions that are guaranteed to increase your knowledge and give you the tools you need to market more effectively on LinkedIn. Currently two types of training sessions are available:

This first option is a one-on-one training session, priced at $500-$1000 depending on what you are hoping to cover during the session.

This second LinkedIn training option is geared toward managers, executives, and sales staff of B2B companies. Our rate for these sessions starts at $300 per participant.

Who should attend our group training sessions?

These sessions are primarily for sales and marketing staff of B2B companies that want to find, communicate and convert prospects using LinkedIn. By training their entire workforce at one time, their overhead costs are drastically reduced, and time lost in onboarding new employees is cut down considerably.

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Linkedin for Business Marketing

How to use LnkedIn to promote your business?

Many search engines, including Google, rank LinkedIn profiles and Company pages. By adding content updates to your page on a consistent basis and by having a well-written and well-optimized profile page, you can exponentially increase your search engine results. Remember consumers rarely look past the first page of results - so that's where you need to be.

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