Digital Marketing Solutionz: Privacy

By using the DM Solutionz F.Z.E site and services, you agree to abide by all non-disclosure and confidentially requirements listed below; in turn, Digital Marketing Solutionz agrees to hold all information gleaned while under contract for the client under strict privacy policies.

Confidentiality Promise

While all content generated by Digital Marketing Solutionz is under the sole ownership of DM Solutionz F.Z.E, we also understand that we will be privy to sensitive company information that we hereby promise never to share or divulge to outside parties. This confidentiality has no expiration date and is not contingent on any contract being in place before it goes into effect.

We respect our clients’ rights to privacy, and hereby promise to never share, sell, or otherwise disclose their information with anyone outside of our organization unless otherwise directed by our clients. Likewise, we expect the same level of confidentiality from our clients; any disclosure of sensitive information or libel will result in swift legal action.


If you breach your individual contacts or go against the limitations and rules set forth in this privacy document, your contract will be terminated and you will be billed for the remainder of your contract. By reading these privacy policy terms you are agreeing to them and resolve to abide by the agreement and arrangement set forth in this document.

Digital Marketing Solutionz reserves the right to terminate the working relationship with any company found to be in violation of these terms effective immediately; any legal fees or costs associated with such termination are the sole responsibility of the client – Digital Marketing Solutionz is not help responsible for any costs or fees incurred during or after being under contract with the client.


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