Targeted European and Middle East Facebook AD Campaign netted an unheard of 300% RETURN RATE!


One of our high-profile European Client (Confidential – hereafter referred to as “The Client”) recently had tremendous success hiring us to manage their Facebook advertising campaigns. The Client is in the cosmetics and beauty products industry, and their target market includes European and Middle Eastern countries such as Poland, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Romania. Dubai, and much more.


Targeted European, and Middle East Facebook AD Campaign netted an unheard of 300% RETURN RATE! Click to Tweet


While their online presence was solid, and they had done fairly well with their marketing efforts in those areas in the past, they were looking to exponentially increase their ROI, which is why they turned to us. They also wanted to make sure that they were adequately leveraging their social media assets, which is why we decided that a set of targeted Facebook ads was the preferred direction to take this marketing campaign.





The Client had several unique challenges:


  1. They are in an extremely saturated market, where ad spend can be through the roof, especially when it comes to social media marketing. With such a competitive marketplace facing us as a challenge, we had to get very creative with our keywords and our ad placement.


  1. Previously, they had relied on cold leads, which meant that mush of their marketing budget was wasted on people that were not serious potential consumers with every campaign they ran. They wanted to do something they could count on, while not breaking the bank spending money on unwualified leads.


  1. Their existing ad copy was underperforming, It wasn’t enticing their audience to purchase their products, and it definitely was not compelling them to continue coming back to the website to check for new products on their own, They needed to both generate sales and find a way to build brand awareness and loyalty.


  1. Their previous efforts were not targeted enough when it came to geographic locations., They were simply blasting out ads, hoping that someone in their area would see them and respond. Because of this, we needed to be able to reduce advertising costs and increase conversion rates for The Client.




After The Client hired us, we looking at their previous ad campaigns and landing pages, and some of our highly trained team members went to work addressing the unique marketing challenges The Client faced.


We identified unique keywords that did not have so much competition online with other companies looking to market cosmetic and beauty products. We wrote compelling, catchy ad copy around those keywords so that each individual ad was memorable and highly searchable. We also worked closely with The Client to make sure that the text we were creating matched with their overall brand voice. It was very important that this campaign reflected their values and told their story in a compelling way, and we worked hard and delivered a finished ad set that The Clint was delighted with.


We also decided to suspend a majority of their previous marketing efforts, and to focus our attention solely on Facebook advertising. Because of the unique, multi-faceted ad targeting we can achieve on that platform, it proved a very effective way to reach their target consumer where they were at, instead of just placing ads and hoping that the right people saw them. Because The Client is such a high-profile company and sells their products in numerous countries, we also had to take into consideration how each ad needed to be set up based on the geography and culture of each individual audience group. The end result was a dynamic, target ad set that was launched across Europe and into the UAE and beyond.


Since Facebook Ads allow us to specify how/when we pay (for example per click versus just per view), we were able to cut down on wasted ad dollars. A much higher percentage of our client’s budget went to reaching actual, interested, warm leads, which resulted in sales that went through the roof after just a short time. This was the biggest difference in what The Client had been doing previously – and it is one of the main reasons we were able to create such an incredible ROI for them as well.


All of this work resulted in, the new campaign bringing in more than 12 million in revenue for The Client. They ended up spending just shy of 4 Million on the campaign, which means that their ROI was a whopping 300%! They were so thrilled with the results that they have been working with us on another large campaign that will go out in the near future.



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