Google AdWords Management Campaign by Certified PPC Expert increased leads for tourism company on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai


Improved Google AdWords Campaign to Bring in over 1000 Leads Per Month with Affordable Pay-per-click for Only Tourism LLC in Dubai


Only Tourism LLC is a high-end tours & travel management company based in Dubai (Sheikh Zayed Road, Conrad Hotel), in the United Arab Emirates. The company has exclusive departments for the Inbound Asian, CIS, and European markets that have offered quality service for years. With a multilingual staff focused on customer service, Only Tourism has been able to attract more tourists by contributing to the UAE’s vision of inviting millions to the country while providing the best service to those decided to visit. Only Tourism LLC has a website, but had inactive AdWords Campaign with no real leads coming.




Only Tourism’s advertising campaign wasn’t bringing enough leads. Their previously created Google AdWords Campaign didn’t include enough keywords to target the audience; therefore, the company missed out using an easy way to bring leads to the company. Furthermore, negative keywords weren’t added and as a result company’s advertising budget was wasted. Instead, they relied on search terms which weren’t from warm leads, but were from people who were making decisions about touring Dubai. The ad copies weren’t enticing either; no ad extension was there to bring in more clicks and conversion, and most importantly, the company only had one ad for all types of visitors whether they needed Desert Safari or Visitor Visa of 30 or 90 days. In truth, there was little chance for a prospective tourist to even approach the company for any service.


Even their ad was displayed in the wrong geographic location which proved to be more wasteful. A targeted AdWords Campaign was needed to reduce advertising costs and increase conversion rates for the company. Prospective tourists did not know that Only Tourism existed, so something had to change.



Only Tourism LLC relies heavily on online advertising campaigns to get business. Even though much of the advertising budget was wasted on poor ad-campaign management, the company still needed somebody who could run affordable and valuable campaigns that could increase real enquiries and actual phone calls from prospective tourists.


After looking at their previous Google Ad campaigns and landing pages, the Google AdWords Certified Professionals from DM Solutionz FZE researched and analyzed keyword use and landing page design on other tourism websites from around the area. The AdWords Expert then redesigned the landing page, created a new Google Ad Campaign, optimized it with the right keywords, and excluded negative keywords from the campaign. Then, Ad Extensions were added including a phone extension that allowed prospective tourists to call from their mobile phones directly without needing to visit the landing page. The AdWords Expert added all the relevant keywords (about 800 words) and created separate groups and ads for each service the company offers.


Negative keywords were properly placed to reduce any chance of irrelevant visitors clicking the ad. Prior to this, the campaign had no negative keywords. From campaign settings, geographies were targeted and ads were displayed only in those regions. All of this work resulted in, the new campaign bringing in 40 calls and enquiries per day for Only Tourism LLC. The company spends less than AED 1,000 a day ($300/day). DM Solutionz FZE helped increase Only Tourism LLC’s quality score and reduce the cost-per-click in less than one month.


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