Digital Marketing Strategy increased web traffic for career services company in Glendora California US


Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy increases website traffic at Resume2employed LLC Glendora, California


Resume2Employed LLC is a company based out of Glendora, CA that provides career coaching, writing and editing resumes, crafting and optimizing LinkedIn Profiles, and many other related services. It should come as no surprise to job seekers that it is not always the most qualified, educated, or experienced candidate who gets the job; it’s often the person who has the most impressive resume who does. The job candidate with a professional resume and a confident interview can often walk out of an interview with the job in hand. Resume2Employed understands the way the world of human resources works, so they have decided to offer free resume review services to potential customers in an effort to help them improve their job seeking skills.



The (previously website was outdated and failed to garner any information about users. It did not include calls-to-action opportunities that would help the company gather information about visitors and potential customers. The information about the career services was limited and visitors had nowhere to request more information. Creating new content was challenging because of the limited information on the website. The “Resume Writing” section of the website had nothing to offer professionals and there was nothing for prospective customers to use for resume review or to order services. There were no resume-writing services packages or pricing information to help visitors understand what the company was selling. The website was not welcoming; but, it was matter-of-fact. In truth, there was little reason for potential clients to even use the website. Even the business model wasn’t clear and needed to be planned by an expert Online Business Manager and Digital Strategist. The website needed to have options for job hunters to ask for their free resume review, purchase the resume writing service, and order and pay for those services through a secure payment gateway. There was no social media presence or search engine optimization that could’ve brought traffic to the website. The website did not have any videos or non-textual elements to interest customers and keep them exploring.


Solutions: used this website as an important marketing tool.

After looking at the needs of the website, the Digital Marketing at specialist at DM Solutionz FZE engaged content writers to create compelling content. They worked along with development team to revamp the entire website. Email newsletters and Email templates were designed. The website’s SEO was done to drive more quality traffic. A videographer was engaged to create animated video. As a career services company targeting professional audience, they needed to use LinkedIn as key component. Prior to our involvement in the website, LinkedIn was not used at all. Our LinkedIn Marketing Expert created active LinkedIn presence for the company by optimizing and writing a LinkedIn Company Page, Profile of Executives. Our expert also created LinkedIn Groups and provided LinkedIn-intensive training to the help Resume2Employed understand how to drive more leads through the biggest professional networking site. We also developed an integrated online marketing plan to drive in professionals and job seekers that need career coaching and resume writing services.


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