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Content Marketing Services Agency Dubai

All great businesses have one thing in common: great content. Content can be images, videos, text, social media blurbs, and more really, anything that tells your story and connects with your audience can be considered content. With so much riding on customer experience and whether or not you stand our in a crowded marketplace, you would be well served to create content that is cohesive, well planned, relevant, engaging, timely, and persuasive.

But how can you go about achieving that lofty goal? Sure, drafting web copy that persuades a customer to purchase from you is one thing, but what about content that tells them about your company? What about the images you use on your website or the text you draft for email newsletters or even the posts you put up on LinkedIn or Facebook? That content counts too perhaps even more than your hard-hitting sales copy when it comes to creating a culture of consumer loyalty to your brand.

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Customers Need To Trust You Before They Are Willing
To Buy From You

People want to buy from companies that they believe in; from companies that they feel have their best interests in mind. If all your potential customers know about you is a short, stuffy paragraph on your About Us page, you have missed an opportunity to connect with them on a deeper, more meaningful level. What's worse, is if you competition has gone the extra mile to share their story and create that bond with their site visitors, they will be the ones getting those visitors business not you.

On average, it can take more than 5 points of contact before a sale is made. That means you have 5 chances to prove yourself before that customer ever begins to consider making a purchase. Let's imagine that someone needs to hire a Real Estate Professional to help sell their vacation home. Unless he or she knows of someone that has worked with a friend or family member in the past, chances are that person will get online and begin searching for qualified realtors in the area. They will look at social media. They will visit websites. They will check out review sites. All of this before they have even picked up the phone to talk to you. If you haven't made a solid impression by then, it is likely their business will go elsewhere.

How Does Content Marketing Bridge the Gap Between
You And Your Customers?

Content marketing is simply a strategic content plan that ties together every content element that you put out there. Successful content marketing campaigns will make sure that your tone and your story and your level of engagement is the same across all your web properties, thus creating a level of trust between you and the consumer. If your website says one thing but all of your social media posts take a different approach, you have absolutely lost an opportunity for people to feel like they truly understand what your company is all about.

Confusion breeds distrust, which in turn means diminished lead conversion and lost sales. And at the end of the day, if your content is not generating a high return on investment for your company, it is time for a new content marketing plan.

What If You Already Have A Marketing Strategy In Place?

Our content marketing services do not have to replace what you currently have started. If you are already seeing success, we will work with you to build on that success for an even greater online presence. If you do not yet have a content strategy or if you are unhappy with what is already in place, we will work with you to create a new strategy that is unique to your vision and goals for your business.

Are Content Marketing Services A One-Time Deal?

Content marketing is an ongoing process that needs continually re-evaluated and refreshed. This ensures that all content (both in print and online) is relevant and is in keeping with where your company wants to go. If you continue to grow and expand, there will always be a need for new, updated content to keep that forward motion going.

As a general rule, we recommend website updates (typically in the form of blog posts) at least 2 times per week, and social media updates at least 2 times per day. Web content should be re-evaluated each quarter, and focused marketing campaigns should be dealt with on a unique, one-time basis.

Scheduling is key to an effectively implemented content marketing strategy; without a schedule, it is impossible to track progress and make sure that all content is going out to your audience at regular, dependable intervals.

The Best Content Marketing Strategies Look
Outward As Well As Inward

It is no secret that great companies achieved their visibility and brand status through hard work and unrelenting marketing efforts. But what many people do not realize about successful companies is that they usually do not get to the top alone. There is incredible value in cross-industry partnerships; parallel services or product offerings that are not in direct competition but that can compliment one another can be incredible marketing leverage if used correctly.

Let’s say you sell luxury handbags online. While you will definitely want to promote your products and your company as much as possible, there is a huge benefit to looking outward and finding strategic partners that can promote you in exchange for your support of their products. Since Women would be the primary target market for luxury purses and bags, consider what they might want to carry in those bags. Perfumes? Lotions? Wallets? If you could promote, say, a high-end lotion or wallet manufacturer by linking to their products on Facebook or referencing them on a blog post, they in turn would be likely to do the same for you, creating an interwoven marketing strategy that is not in front of a new set of potential customers at no additional marketing cost to you.

We can help you identify key potential marketing partners and can also work to draft content that promotes them while also positioning you as a
thought leader in your industry.

What Content Marketing Services Are Available?

We work across a variety of platforms, and tailor our services to each client's individual needs. Some of our areas of expertise include:

We can also recommend distribution outlets for various content pieces, and can work with you to create detailed posting and reporting
schedules for all of your content pieces.

With that said, we do have a suite of existing content marketing packages available, including:
  • Web Content Evaluation and Writing Packages
  • Blog Article Packages
  • Social Media Content Writing Packages
  • Ongoing Writing Retainers
  • Consulting Packages
  • Comprehensive Content Strategy and Implementation Packages

No matter what you need, our team of dedicated, highly educated content professionals is here to deliver; we are also happy to create custom content marketing service packages depending on your specific business and marketing needs.

If you are interested in learning more about our content marketing services, click here. We will have one of our content marketing team members get in touch with you to learn more about you company and to help create a marketing plan that is right for you.

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