LinkedIn company page writing and optimization

LinkedIn company page writing and optimization

Social media is a very important part of a business, and a LinkedIn company page can be extremely beneficial for any marketing plan. While most people think that LinkedIn is merely a site for those looking for jobs and growing their professional networks, there is also much more that LinkedIn has to offer businesses, including the establishment of your brand as a public image on a very large scale.

With millions of people on LinkedIn, you need a page that will attract potential customers and attract valuable colleagues and business partnerships to your company. Without a page, you are essentially saying, I do not care about making an online marketing impact for my company, something you do not at all want to do.

The problem is, most companies have a hard time talking about themselves and promoting their goods and services on social networks. The half casual/half extremely calculating approach that a successful business takes to LinkedIn company page writing and optimization is a difficult combination to get right. All too often businesses end up coming across as way too friendly and unprofessionally or on the other side of the spectrum they can come across as stuffy and disconnected from the very audience they are trying to identify with.

The solution? Hire someone to handle your LinkedIn Company page writing needs from start to finish.

Let The Experts Help You

Just because you're an expert in optometry, engineering, interior design or whatever it is you do, doesn't mean you are a great writer or that you understand how to successfully navigate the social media landscape. And this is ok. Writing for LinkedIn takes a special talent, particularly if you are looking to keep people coming back to your page. There are certain ways to word things, organize things, and display content that really optimizes a Company page, and this is something we specialize in.

If you are looking for a way to make your company the go-to company in your field, you need top-of-the-line LinkedIn company page management, which can only be done by professionals who know how to do it right.

Who do we work with?

We focus on creating customized LinkedIn pages for companies, executives and experienced businesspeople. These are professionals that want to impress their network, want to be visible in LinkedIn searches, and that actually want to explore new opportunities for partnerships through a carefully branded and optimized LinkedIn presence.

Our clients have lifelong experience in specific industries and want their professional story to be written and presented in a way that will impress their network and optimize their profile.

What are our services?

We offer two distinct services to our clients
The Starter Service Package
This service option includes creation of a LinkedIn company page that has been optimized to the hilt.
The Competitive Edge Service Package
This service option includes creation of a completely optimized LinkedIn company page as well as one-on-one training (a $500-$1000 value all by itself)

What is our process?

Our process involves a simple 3-step approach

The initial work request is sent by the client; once we have received and approved the request the client is asked to fill out our comprehensive online form.

The page is created within 10 days, and after thorough online research, optimization, and writing by one of our expert LinkedIn writers.

For Competitive Edge clients, we will provide 3 options for time to schedule a one-on-one training session.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete my company page?
While we strive to complete every page as quickly as possible, we allow up to 10 business days for completion. This gives us time to research you, your competitors, and more, so that we are sure to create the most in-depth profile possible.
How do I know what service option is right for me?

If you are just getting started and do not have the budget to engage in training, or if you already know how to use LinkedIn in every possible way and just need a company page set up, then the Starter package is perfect. If you are looking for the complete package, though one that will give you a serious edge in all of your marketing efforts, you will want to go with our Competitive Edge package. Not only is it an extremely informative option, but it is also an incredible value, as our training sessions start at $500 all by themselves.

What if I do not want training and instead prefer to have you manage my company page for me on an ongoing basis?
We definitely offer those services; click here to speak with one of our LinkedIn team members.

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Linkedin for Business Marketing

How to use LnkedIn to promote your business?

Many search engines, including Google, rank LinkedIn profiles and Company pages. By adding content updates to your page on a consistent basis and by having a well-written and well-optimized profile page, you can exponentially increase your search engine results. Remember consumers rarely look past the first page of results - so that's where you need to be.

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