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We Get Asked These Questions A Lot about Digital Marketing Services

Clients come to us from all lines of work and with all manner of existing experience with marketing companies. We have clients that have never hired anyone to help them with their marketing and we get clients that have worked with several agencies but have yet to find a perfect fit. Every client meeting is filled with questions, and these are some of the most common:

1. How are you any different than other Digital Marketing companies in Dubai or in all over UAE?

In truth, there may not be much difference…at least at first glance. But when it comes down to actually delivering what we promised and to continuing to innovate fresh, new marketing strategies throughout the course of a project, this is where we set ourselves apart. We being an intense level of dedication and drive for perfection into every work relationship we have. We aren’t happy with just good enough or with average results. What drives us is seeing our clients find extreme success, and helping them create that success requires a tremendous amount of discipline and dedication on our part – something we gladly do for each and every company we work with.   2. How long does a typical work contract need to last? This is a great question, and the answer largely depends on what a specific company’s digital marketing goals are. If the goal is to build up a solid base that doesn’t need to grow much in the future, then the contract term likely spans 3-6 months. If a company is looking for continual growth and a high return on their investment, then we have found that long-term contracts of 12 months or more are the best. In truth, if we are doing our jobs, and if our clients find continued success, then there is really never a need for the marketing contract and services we provide to end; they will only continue to grow in tandem with the companies we work with.   3. Do I really need a lot of services, or can I just set up a pay per click campaign or have a website built and call it good? If you want an honest answer, yes – you do need more than just one or two solitary services. Why? Because every aspect of marketing builds one upon the other to create a strong, thriving strategy that is well supported at every angle. If your social media doesn’t reflect the new direction your blog is taking, for example, your audience will see that inconsistency and wonder why your company isn’t being the same across all fronts. The last thing you want is to be seen by your potential customers as having an inconsistent brand or message, which is why re always recommend a suite of complimentary services to interested clients that want to grow their visibility and credibility by leaps and bounds.  

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