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Content strategy


Content strategy is essentially a detailed plan that outlines how your company will present itself in print or online. Since content can mean text, videos, or even photographs, this strategy needs to encompass literally every visual aspect of your website and beyond.


When done well, a content strategy will flow seamlessly, creating a unified front on all of your materials and web properties. The following four elements make up a successful marketing plan:


• Relevant

• Well-Rounded

• Persuasive

• Scheduled


If your content strategy has these covered, you are well on your way to success.


Content Strategy Needs To Be Relevant

Relevant content is up to date, consistent with the trends and forward-thinking processes of the day, and appropriate to your target market. Successful content strategies will center around making sure that your phrasing and company message are the same across all platforms so that no matter where a potential customer may look, they will always have the same image and understand of your company reinforced in a positive way.

If your website says one thing but your social media accounts say another, you are muddying the proverbial waters. The same is true of outdated content on your website or email newsletters, for example – if prospective clients are met with old content that is no longer relevant they will definitely not think that your company is capable of bringing a high level of service and attention to detail to the products or services you are selling.

Content Strategy Needs To Be Well-Rounded

As the old saying goes: do not put all your eggs into one basket. You cannot depend on your web content alone to drive traffic; the same is true of online advertising or social media. It takes a well-rounded, comprehensive content strategy to effectively draw customers in and convert them into paying leads. In the same token, the type of content you put out there needs to be varied as well. A broad mix of images, outbound links, articles, and social media posts are all necessary, since one customer may respond well to an article, but another might prefer short bits of content that are easily digested via a mobile device. No matter what, your content needs to take a complete, circular approach to ensure that you are hitting on all appropriate and applicable content distribution methods as well as styles.

Content Strategy Needs To Be Persuasive

If your content isn’t persuading customers to buy your products or services, you will never make money, That is it in a nutshell. The entire goal of online marketing and content strategy is to find ways to connect with customers in a meaningful way that prompts them to buy what you are offering. It is not a complicated process or a confusing end goal: your content needs to convert or you will miss out on potential sales.

Content Strategy Needs To Be Scheduled

The best way to make sure that content marketing opportunities do not fall through the cracks is to schedule as much as possible. Life gets busy – and this is absolutely true of the business world as well. We usually recommend website updates (often in the form of blog articles) at least 2 times a week, and social media posts at least 2 times a day. Web content should be updated every 3 months, and individual marketing campaigns should be dealt with as they arise. Scheduling is the key to an awesome, well-executed content strategy; without a schedule, it is impossible to track progress and to deliver your content dependably and consistently. If you are interested in learning more about our content strategy services, click here. We will have one of our content strategy team members get in touch with you to learn more about you company and to help create a plan that is right for you.

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