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Are you daunted by the Pay Per Click (PPC) strategies, tools, and techniques that you read about in magazines and on popular marketing blogs? We get it. There is so much hype surrounding the topic of pay per click marketing that is can be extremely difficult to separate the fluff from the facts. Unless you have ample time and resources at your disposal to spend staying on top of your PPC campaigns, you may be tempted to just throw in the towel altogether and let your online marketing chips fall where they may.

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Hire Top Online Advertising Agency in Dubai. Your PPC campaigns should maximize your investment – don’t watch those marketing dollars go down the drain!

The good news is it doesn’t have to be that way! Running a successful and lucrative pay per click campaign is definitely possible, especially with a team of seasoned online marketing professionals at your beck and call. Our company specializes in offering full-service pay per click management to companies both big and small. We look beyond the cookie cutter packages utilized by other companies, opting instead to create unique, customized marketing strategies and campaigns for each of our customers.

What’s more, we understand that, as a business owner or manager, you may want to have the ability to understand and have a say in how your company allocates its funds and resources – even with something like PPC marketing. This is why we invite collaboration whenever possible – so that you are in the driver’s seat when it comes to your online presence. You call the shots, and we execute them to perfection. And if sitting back and letting our experts make those decisions allows you have more time to spend on other important things, we are here to offer that level of management and service as well.

But let’s take a break from talking about our services and processes for a minute and dig into what exactly pay per click marketing is and why it can be a fantastic addition to any marketing toolkit.

Google Adwords Management

Why Is Online Advertising Important?

Why Is Online Advertising Important? Essentially, in order to get your business noticed on the Internet, you need to put yourself where your target audience is. Since most companies do not attract millions of unique site viewers each month through organic searches alone, marketing measures must be taken in order to promote that visibility through carefully focused advertisements. If you take a look at print and media advertising, you can quickly see that companies use television commercials, billboards, and magazines (just to name a few) to get their products and services in front of the eyes and minds of easily-persuaded customers . these companies have researched their target markets thoroughly, and they understand what kinds of content will be the most effective. They then capitalize on this focused content and create ad campaigns around it to draw those consumers in.

The same is true for companies wishing to advertise online – making products and service offerings visible to the right consumers at the right time can make all the difference in the worlds.

What is Pay Per Click Marketing?

Pay Per Click Marketing is just as the name suggests: it is an online marketing method that requires you to pay a fixed amount whenever a user clicks on your ad and is taken to your website. Instead of throwing untold marketing dollars at one single campaign that may or may not attract the attention of customers, pay per click marketing allows you the freedom to test out different ad styles and formats while only paying for those ads that actually convert.

Pay per click advertising providers such Google AdWords or Bing Ads allow you to bid on advertisements that appear above and beside search engine results that coincide with your products, services, and desired keywords. For instance, if you are a company that deals in shoe repair, each time someone searches for shoes you could have your ad listed above or beside the search engine results.

This pre-filtering of viewers allows you the security of knowing that your ad is going in front of those consumers that are already in the market for what you offer, thus eliminating the guessing game that so often goes along with traditional marketing venues.

The Many Benefits of Pay-Per-Click Advertising

There are several benefits when it comes to pay-per-click advertising. First, and perhaps the most important for advertisers, is that you only pay if someone clicks on your ad. While this comes with obvious cash-saving benefits, there is also a side benefit that few consider: anyone who comes to that page and sees your ad but does not click on it still has an understanding of your company offering and – even though they didn’t click on it the first time, they may be more included to search you out in the future than, say, your competitors.

Another tremendous benefit of pay per click marketing is the in-depth reporting that is at your fingertips. If you can understand what is and is not working, you are better poised to make your next round of marketing efforts even more successful.

A Tangled, Ever-Changing Web

The Internet is ever evolving, and so are the advertising methods that come along with it. Mobile devices are bringing yet another level of depth to the process, and who knows what the near future may hold when it comes to the services, software, and tools that will be at the online marketer’s disposal.

The sheer time it takes to stay on top of all the trends and strategies needed to run successful online ad campaigns is mind-blowing, which is why it is so incredibly valuable to have the full power of an online marketing agency on your side. Instead of having to manage the steady stream of changing information on your own, you can rely on a trusted team to guide you and to advertise on your behalf so that you have more time to spend running your company and digging into what you really enjoy doing.

Our full service PPC management packages are designed with flexibility in mind; we know that our clients’ needs can change from month to month, and it is our job to know and understand what is an appropriate, viable, and realistic budget for your bids so that we can advise you in how to best manage your marketing dollars. We spend hours researching which keywords are going to be the most effective for our clients, comparing those keywords to both their competitors and to what their target audience is actually searching for.

We make use of countless search engines, with the most popular being Google and yahoo. The benefit to these two are their extensive partner networks:

Google's Adwords Partner Sites:

  • Google
  • AOL
  • Netscape
  • Lycos
  • Earthlink
  • AskJeeves
  • Shopping.com
  • CompuServe
  • AT&T Worldnet
  • Business.com
  • The New York Times
  • FoodNetwork.com
  • HGTV

Yahoo! Search Marketing Partner Sites:

  • MSN
  • AltaVista
  • Excite
  • Netzero
  • Dogpile
  • ConsumerReview.com
  • Rent.com
  • HomeGain

Bing Ads Management

Accredited Microsoft Professionals would be managing your bing ads campaigns . With so much focus placed on Google as the hot spot in terms of Internet marketing tools and strategies, smart marketers know that there is another fantastic option available as well: Yahoo. Bing Ads are every bit as powerful in terms of their usability, features, and ROI; while they may not have the reach and audience that Google pulls in, Yahoo has been consistently closing that gap in user volume and is positioned to give Google a run for their money in the very near future.

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