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LinkedIn Profile Writing & Optimization Service

We all know that businesses need to have a social media presence, and that LinkedIn is one of the best possible social outlets any company could have. With literally millions of people on LinkedIn, companies need a page that will draw in potential customers and bring valuable colleagues and business alliances to their doorsteps.


But what many professionals do not consider is the fact that having a personal LinkedIn profile can also be a huge benefit to their company. For anyone serious about taking their company to the next level online, a professionally written and seriously optimized profile is key. Optimizing your LinkedIn profile can take a ton of time out of a busy corporate executive’s already busy schedule, and it is definitely something that can be daunting for anyone that is not a LinkedIn Professional.


A successful LinkedIn profile must be carefully crafted with carefully selected keywords or else your profile can easily go by the wayside regardless of how much you post or how good of a resume or company you may have. Online competition is intense and most markets are very saturated, leaving little room for marketing error.


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Let Our Experts Help You Succeed

Just because you're an expert in engineering, pediatrics, web design, or whatever it is you do, doesn't mean you are a good writer or that you know how to create a winning LinkedIn profile. And that's ok! There is a reason you are good at what you do you have spent time and energy honing your skill set and creating an expertise that enables you to excel in your field.

If you want to have a LinkedIn profile that stands out, you need expert assistance from people that know how to win at LinkedIn. If you want an optimized LinkedIn profile that highlights your skills and your achievements, don't waste time muddling through it yourself. It can take weeks to create an average LinkedIn profile...that is time and energy that could be much better spent! You don't have to be frustrated, though our expert team is here to help you create a stunning LinkedIn profile that will help you put your best foot forward online.

A Professional LinkedIn Makeover by our Team Provides

Benefits of a Comprehensive LinkedIn Profile

High Search Engine Visibility
More Business Opportunities
Fresh Leads and Clientele
More Networking Opportunities
More Website Traffic
Achievement of Financial and Personal Goals

What are our services?

By using one of our professional LinkedIn profile makeover packages, you'll be ready to connect with influential businesses and individuals around the world. Imagine the possibilities! The two packages listed below are carefully designed to help you stand out and make the absolute most out of your presence on LinkedIn.


The Essential Package

This profile makeover packages focuses strategically on career advancement, and thorough targeting and marketing analysis. It focuses on how to get you where you want to be FAST, without stopping to change course several times along the way, as many people that try to cerate a profile on their own are prone to do. This package is designed for business professionals that want to create a very strong online presence and then learn how to continue maximizing that position of online prowess.

The Forward-Thinking Package

This LinkedIn profile package is tailor-made for savvy executives looking for an incredibly targeted and unique LinkedIn profile that showcases them as a dynamic thought leader within their industries.This package includes in-depth training that gives you the knowledge you need to attain and implement the powerful myriad of benefits that LinkedIn offers.You will work hand in hand with our team of LinkedIn experts, collaborating together to draft a profile page that is every bit as unique as you are.This package also includes supplementary profile segments that will compliment your profile by highlighting your board memberships, volunteer work,organizations and clubs you belong to, embedded video feeds or PowerPoint slides,and more, including your portfolio, resume, and reading list. BONUS: you will also receive three 15-minute telephone-mentoring sessions to help give you a competitive edge on into the future.

What is our process?

Our process involves a simple 3-step approach

The initial work request is sent by the client; once we have received and approved the request the client is asked to fill out our comprehensive online form.

LinkedIn Profile is created within 10 days, after thorough online research, optimization, and writing by one of our expert LinkedIn writers. Then we conduct additional interviews and review sessions as needed.

For Forward-Thinking package clients, we will provide 3 options for time to schedule their ongoing training sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete my profile?
While we strive to complete every profile as quickly as possible, we allow up to 10 business days for completion. This gives us time to research you, your competitors, and more, so that we are sure to create the most in-depth profile possible.
How do I know what service package I need?
If you are just getting started and do not have the budget to engage in training, or if you already know how to use LinkedIn in every possible way and just need a profile set up, then the Essential package is perfect.If you are looking for the complete package, though-one that will give you a serious edge in all of your marketing efforts, you will want to go with our Forward Thinking package.Not only is it an extremely informative option, but it is also an incredible value.
What if I do not want training and instead prefer to have you manage my LinkedIn and complete Online Presence for me on an ongoing basis?

We definitely offer those services; click here to speak with one of our team members to discuss your company’s digital marketing needs.

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About the Author

Muneeb Farman, MBA graduate with years of online business management experience, electrifies your business utilizing intelligent solutions tailored to your growing entrepreneurial needs. For several long years, Muneeb has been performing LinkedIn profile optimization, proactively managing business as an expert OBM, and loves to remain above the fold in all things relevant to internet business development. Considering his experience with Sales & Marketing Systems (Infusionsoft), Web Project Management Systems (Central Desktop and Basecamp), HTML/CSS proficiency, virtual team recruiting and e-Business Planning, clients are utilizing his services quicker than ever before. You can find this masterful Pakistani working on establishing business relationships, learning new software, reading powerful news and tips, and continually working towards career perfection when not helping other businesses.

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Linkedin for Business Marketing

How to use LnkedIn to promote your business?

Many search engines, including Google, rank LinkedIn profiles and Company pages. By adding content updates to your page on a consistent basis and by having a well-written and well-optimized profile page, you can exponentially increase your search engine results. Remember consumers rarely look past the first page of results - so that's where you need to be.

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